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Rippingale Oil Consortium

The Rippingale Oil Consortium was first set up in 2001 with an agreement with Chandlers of Grantham to supply heating oil at favourable rate to the members when deliveries were made en masse to the village. Members had to register with Chandlers, and were contacted by Chandlers prior to each delivery date for an order.

In recent years many thought that Chandlers were no longer giving as good a deal to the members than they could, and in the winter of 2010/2011 a number of people considered that they had been overcharged with emergency top-ups. Because of this a meeting was held with Chandlers to discuss the grievances, but the membership could not be represented as there was no current list of members available to the village.

In March 2011 the long task of identifying the members was started, and in July a meeting at the Village Hall gave a mandate to form a committee to represent the consortium.

A small committee will now keep a record of the members, will negotiate with Chandlers as appropriate, and monitor oil delivery prices so that the membership can see how Chandlers compare with other suppliers.  Click here to view price comparisons.

NB: In recent months Chandlers have changed the way they compare prices, and have NOT been the cheapest in our comparisons since May this year (2015). Although they are still competitive at the 500ltr level if you are ordering 1000ltrs or more you are strongly advised to seek a lower price - Click here for some useful telephone numbers (July 2015)

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